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What we do

1631 Digital gets to know you.

We deliver your online messages to your former, active and future clients. We use search history, topics, category, contextual, social media and blend with proprietary and 3rd party information and find appropriate geography to deliver the most obvious client/customer/voter for your message.

Data Driven, pin point delivery of digital display, sponsored content, video, connected TV/OTT or streaming audio.

Best of all, we measure results. Our system is built to show you we hit our mark and your ads resonated with the target audiences. We will show you how our ads made more actions, reservations, appointments, sales and even people who received our ads entering your store, restaurants, venues or event zones.

Full Service Advertising Agency

One Stop Shop for any marketing needs.
Over 100 Years Experience in Media.
1631 Digital can bring your message to Life.

Digital Advertising

Our team will build a campaign that addresses all your online needs. We use multiple tactics to employ in tandem and optimize in real time so we all get the results we expect for your investment.

Creative Team

1631 Digital can create winning ad campaigns for your company, brand or service. From Online, Email, Video, Streaming Audio or website design we have you covered. Let our team of experts build your story.


Target events, customers and your competition’s customers. Collect data via location services then re-target. Target Nationally, Regionally, By City, Town, Zip Code, Neighborhood, Street – Down to the Building.

Website Builders

Whether you need a simple website refresh of creative  or a brand new site, 1631 Digital has you covered. Our team is ready to build your online home then help you promote your site. Terms and conditions/services

White Labeling

Build incremental revenue streams making our portfolio yours. We can build collateral and Go To Market Strategies Built for your team to sell web, mobile and social platforms. Our partnerships with local newspaper, TV and radio stations allow placement in any market across the country.

How we target your customers

Using Data We can offer unique strategy to address your needs.

Our team will build multiple tactics to employ in tandem and optimize in real time so we all get the results we expect for your investment.

Many extension offerings from publishers or ad agencies are based on 3rd party information that can be 6-12 months old.

1631 Digital Retail uses multiple up to date sources of data – Search, Topic, Keyword, Contextual Information, IP Address/Device ID and other forms create the baseline for your delivery.

We target your former customers, active customers and create lookalikes online to target NEW Customers! We show you how our system brings in online and in-store customers!

Real Estate

Single Agent or Multiple – Let 1631 Digital Retail create a viable strategy to attract buyers and sellers.


1631 Digital Retail can build Local, Regional or National Strategies. Target your former customers, competitor customers, active customers and future customers.


Add digital to your sales team’s portfolio – we help with collateral and go to market strategy. Full suite of Digital Products – Online, Social, Email and More!


Health Related Marketing Options – From regional health care providers, dental, cosmetic, general practice. We have a strategy for you.


Whether you’re a single location or a national chain we can build your reservations, gift cards and physical visits.


We work with Local and National Destinations, Tourism Associations and Events for promotion and data collection and retargeting.


Target Your Customers. Target Your Competition’s Customers. Branding Programs. Get on Local & National Media Auto sites.


Target Decision Makers in DC, Statehouse or Grassroots levels. Full political campaign portfolio available targeting voter files. Ads appear online, video, connected TV and streaming audio, email and social.

Why Choose 1631 Digital

1631 Digital Retail will create a viable digital strategy based on many data points.

We deliver over 20 Million Online Impressions for our clients across the country each year. Our campaign performance consistently outpaces that the national average.

We work with clients one on one to find the best possible strategy for their needs.

We can target Internationally, Nationally, Regionally, City, Zip Code, Neighborhood, Street, Address – Down to the Building.

We’ve worked with local and national retail, service, health, tourism, entertainment, real estate, automotive clients and more.

Our strategies are scalable – meaning we can work within set budgets and RFP’s.

On the agency or publisher side we can bring our White Label digital ability to your sales team creating an incremental revenue stream.

We can build 1st party data and re-target your website readers on other sites in your identified service areas.

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